Wine Subscription Service

If you are reading this, you are taking the first steps in entering a service that is so convenient and so packed with value, that you’ll never know how you lived without it.
We call it The Life Improvement Plan.

How can I improve my life?

The Life Improvement Plan is Alpha Box & Dice’s wine subscription service, where you pick how much wine you want – and how often you want it delivered – and we do the rest.

You can choose between mixed packs (including Sparkling, White, Orange, Rosé, Red wines) or Red Wine Only packs. Discover a world of interesting wines by receiving regular mixes of premium wines from Alpha Box & Dice’s Alphabet of Wine, showcasing a plethora of winemaking styles, varieties and techniques.

The Life Improvement Plan is a dynamic, personalized service that will inspire, delight and surprise you. We hope you can join us.


  1. Only way to receive discount on Alpha Box & Dice products.
  2. Receive $100+ value for every $75 3xPack, $200+ value for every $150 6xPack and $400+ value for every $300 12xPack (>25% discount).
  3. Unlock access to ongoing discounts and offers not available anywhere else.
  4. Choose the delivery frequency and amount of wines that suits you.
  5. Change your plan volume and frequency at any time.