Wine Subscription Service

If you are reading this, you are taking the first steps in entering a service that is so convenient and so packed with value, that you’ll never know how you lived without it.
We call it The Life Improvement Plan.

How can I improve my life?

The Life Improvement Plan is Alpha Box & Dice’s wine subscription service, where you pick how much wine you want – and how often you want it delivered – and we do the rest.

You can choose between mixed packs (including Sparkling, White, Orange, Rosé, Red wines) or Red Wine Only packs. Discover a world of interesting wines by receiving regular mixes of premium wines from Alpha Box & Dice’s Alphabet of Wine, showcasing a plethora of winemaking styles, varieties and techniques.

The Life Improvement Plan is a dynamic, personalized service that will inspire, delight and surprise you. We hope you can join us.


  1. Only way to receive discount on Alpha Box & Dice products.
  2. Receive $100+ value for every $75 3xPack, $200+ value for every $150 6xPack and $400+ value for every $300 12xPack (>25% discount).
  3. Unlock access to ongoing discounts and offers not available anywhere else.
  4. Choose the delivery frequency and amount of wines that suits you.
  5. Change your plan volume and frequency at any time.

Terms & Conditions

  • By signing up to the Life Improvement Plan you agree to a minimum requirement of three deliveries.
  • We will charge your card one day prior to dispatch, so we can prepare all orders in advance. In order to ensure prompt delivery, please advise Alpha Box & Dice of any changes to payment methods as soon as possible.
  • You may change your plan’s volume and/or frequency at any time by contacting us, or through your account on
  • You agree to be sent a mixed pack of Alpha Box & Dice wine, decided upon under the discretion of the AB&D team, unless you opt for Red Wine Only.
  • Red Wine Only packs will have wines substituted for any Sparkling, White, Orange or Rosé wines as selected by the Alpha Box & Dice team. Wines selected will be as close in value to Mixed pack wines as possible.
  • Automatic charge dates for six week and quarterly subscriptions are: January 15, March 1, April 15, June 1, July 15, September 1, October 15, December 1.
  • Automatic charge dates for half yearly subscriptions are: June 1, December 1 only.
  • Skipping deliveries can be organised by contacting Alpha Box & Dice in advance to charge dates.
  • Value of the pack includes flat rate shipping cost of $10.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility that shipping addresses and customer contact details are correct at the time of singing up – and that Alpha Box & Dice are notified of any changes to shipping address as soon as possible.
  • If a payment fails your Life Improvement Plan will go on hold. Alpha Box & Dice will attempt to recharge your nominated card up to three times following the automatic payment date. Following this, you will be contacted by Alpha Box & Dice with instructions on how to reactivate your account. You will not be sent any wine until your account is reactivated.
  • Cancelling Life Improvement Plans can be requested by the customer at any time, as long as the three delivery minimum has been fulfilled.
  • All discounts and promotions offered to Life Improvement Plan members can only be redeemed with an active Life Improvement Plan account.
  • A failed payment or ‘On Hold’ subscription will cancel any discounts or offers associated with the Life Improvement Plan until the account is reactivated via a successful payment.
  • The Life Improvement Plan falls under the same extended T&C’s for the Alpha Box & Dice Online Store, available via